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    | | *** صدارتی انتخاب حساب بےباق کرنے کا وقت ہوگا: ہلیری کلنٹن *** *** سامعہ کیس:’والدہ اور بہن تفتیش میں بےگناہ ثابت‘
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    *** The Government will not make a final decision on building a new nuclear power plant in Somerset until the autumn. *** The regulator's launched an investigation into whether energy firm SSE has been treating customers fairly. *** | |
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    *** Paul Pogba is closing in on a move to Manchester United in a deal which will break the 100-million pound mark. *** Manchester, City boss Pep Guardiola is convinced he's going to get his top targets John Stones and Leroy Sane. *** | |
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    *** Traffic moving well on A56 Knoll Street Southbound between M60 and B6187 Knoll Street. *** Busy but moving on A635 Mancunian Way Eastbound in Piccadilly Basin. *** Busy but moving on A665 Pin Mill Brow Westbound in Ardwick. *** Busy but moving on A6 A57 Westbound A6010 Saint John's Road in A6 A57. *** | |
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_______________________________________________________________ Indonesian government has halted execution of Pakistani death row prisoner Zulfiqar Ali. This has been confirmed by Pakistani Ambassador to Jakarta, Aqil Nadeem. He said the officials of Indonesia's Foreign Office have conveyed us that Zulfiqar Ali's execution has been stopped and he is safe. Zulfiqar Ali was among the 14 drug convicts who were shifted to the firing squad at an island outside Jakarta where his execution was stopped last moment. Meanwhile, PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz says Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's efforts have helped to suspend death penalty of Pakistani prisoner in Indonesia. In a tweet message, she said despite bleak chance of success, the Prime Minister decided to make one more attempt to have Zulfiqar's execution suspended and it happened.
_______________________________________________________________ Hillary Clinton has told voters the presidential election is a "moment of reckoning", as she made history by accepting the Democratic nomination. Speaking on the final night of the party's convention in Philadelphia, the first woman nominated by a major party said there were huge challenges. "Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart," she said. Mrs Clinton accused her Republican opponent in November's election, Donald Trump, of sowing discord. "He wants to divide us - from the rest of the world, and from each other." But Mr Trump tweeted that the speech had failed to address the threat posed by radical Islam, making the former secretary of state unfit to lead the country.
_______________________________________________________________ Strong earnings from Amazon and a boost to the company's stock have made its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world's third richest person, according to Forbes. Mr Bezos owns 18% of Amazon's shares, which rose 2% in trading on Thursday. Forbes estimated his fortune to be $65.3bn (£49.5bn). Amazon's revenue beat analysts' expectations, climbing 31% from last year to $30.4bn in the second quarter. Profit for the e-commerce giant was $857m, compared with $92m in 2015. According to Forbes estimates, Mr Bezos's fortune is only surpassed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, worth $78bn (£59bn), and the $73.1bn (£55bn) fortune of Zara founder Amancio Ortega.
_______________________________________________________________ A man from India's Dalit community has been beheaded and his wife hacked to death after a row over a 15 rupees (22 cents; 16 pence) debt in Uttar Pradesh state. Police said the couple were murdered by an upper caste grocer on Thursday when they told him they needed time to pay for biscuits they had bought from him. The grocer has been arrested. Dalits, formerly known as untouchables, form the lowest rung of India's caste hierarchy.