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    | | *** عالمی طاقتیں شام میں ’جنگی کارروائیاں روکنے‘ پر متفق *** پاکستان کے ساتھ دفاعی تعاون امریکہ کے مفاد میں ہے: محکمۂ خارجہ *** کوہاٹ میں ویلنٹائن ڈے کی تقریبات پر پابندی عائد کر دی گئی ***
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    *** There could be a truce in Syria within a week after a deal was agreed last night to stop hostilities. *** The partner of a murdered former EastEnders actress has been arrested at Heathrow airport after being flown back to the UK from Ghana. *** Figures from Public Health England suggest older people in the country are living longer than ever before. *** | |
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    *** Sunderland have terminated Adam Johnson's contract with immediate effect. *** England's cricketers aim to win a second series in South Africa in the space of a month later. *** Kenya face the possibility of being banned from the Rio Olympics and other events - as it's being investigated by the World Anti-Doping Agency over breaches of its global anti-doping code. *** | |
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    *** Very slow traffic due to earlier accident on M62 Eastbound between J25 A644 (Brighouse) and J26 M606 / A58 (Chain Bar); congestion on M62 to J23 A640 / A643 (Huddersfield). All lanes have been re-opened. *** | |
24/7 International News

________________________________________________________________ Two years after India launched Nirbheek, a handgun pitched as the country's "first gun for women", a state-run arms factory has launched a similar gun which it says is India's lightest gun. The new .22-calibre revolver is named Nidar, it weighs a mere 250g (8.8 ounces) - that's half of .32-calibre Nirbheek's 500g (1.1lb); and it costs 35,000 rupees ($513; £357) - Nirbheek came with a steep price tag of 122,360 rupees ($1,990; £1,213).
______________________________________________________________ Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif says positive turnaround witnessed in the national economy is the outcome of government's prudent economic policies. Addressing Pakistani community in Doha, he invited Pakistani expatriates to invest in their own country in different sectors, as government is extending unprecedented facilities to the investors. The prime minister said the landmark LNG agreement with Qatar will help Pakistan produce electricity and fertilizers besides meeting domestic gas needs. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif expressed the resolve to enhance trade volume between Pakistan and Qatar to one billion dollars from existing three hundred million dollars. The Prime Minister said overall security situation has improved as a result of Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the back of terrorists has been broken.
________________________________________________________________ World powers have agreed on ceasefire in Syria which would start in one week's time. The agreement reached at a meeting in Munich, Germany on Friday . Later, talking to newsmen, US Secretary of State John Kerry said ease fire would not apply to the fight with Islamic State and al-Nusra Front. He said the world powers had also agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees.
_______________________________________________________________ The UK has called the apparent abduction of a Hong Kong bookseller a "serious breach" of the treaty on the city's return to China, in its strongest comments on the matter. It has said Lee Bo, a British citizen, was "involuntarily removed... without any due process" under Hong Kong law. Lee is among five booksellers who have disappeared in recent months. In the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, China promised to safeguard Hong Kong's freedoms.